Do you want to provide your kid(s) with a sense of purpose, wellbeing, lifelong success, impart positive behaviors, and refrain them from risky activities?

The most turbulent yet crucial periods of our life are the teen years. Our mindset, attitude, and behavior during these years predict lifetime success and happiness. However, to achieve success in life, our children need to learn strategies to stay focussed, calm, and determined, gain self-confidence, inculcate better relationships with families, fix problematic use or addiction to cell phones, avoid high-risk activities, stay safe from cyberbullying, refrain from alcohol, vaping, and drug abuse.
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Parents, just like academics, it is equally important to empower your children with life-time strategies to:

Manage mental stress.

Boost will-power, self-esteem, self-confidence.

Unleashing their potential.

Setting accurate and targeted goals for success in life.

Keeping a relaxed, calm, and focused mind.

Nurturing a healthy body.



Unfortunately, all these essential life empowerment and coping skills are not taught in schools or discussed frequently.
The training is provided by Dr. Sajita Setia, MD, a certified pharmaceutical physician and medical education specialist and Dr. Michelle Tichy, Ph.D., an educational psychologist. Their vision is to (i) boost productivity, efficiency, happiness, and inner peace, (ii) prevent mental health illness and substance use, and (iii) address existing mental and substance use disorders, across all communities and age groups through mental health and life empowerment programs, specifically directed towards the youth and their families.
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