Program Directors

Dr. Sajita Setia, MD

Dr. Sajita Setia is mental health and positive psychology enthusiast, youth empowerment coach, and the founder and executive director of Transforming Life LLC. She is a clinical biochemist and pharmaceutical physician, certified by King’s College, London with over 18 years of experience in healthcare and the international life science industry. Sajita has created a strong legacy of value creation through strong partnerships with governments, regulatory agencies, medical societies, and associations and leading credible and impactful health and medical education.

Dr. Michelle Tichy, PhD

Dr Michelle Tichy is the “Education director” for Transforming life. She holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Social and Developmental Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She works with and trains teachers in the United States, to better support students, including students with anxiety and ADHD. Her heart-centered commitment is to create access to holistic and authentic psycho-educational opportunities, and her work integrates various contemplative practices and social/ecological justice.

Dr. Sajita Setia and Dr. Michelle Tichy are the program directors for the “Success4life” youth empowerment coaching.